Executive Dance Company

Gymnastics on Wednesday


  Competitive Team  

Requires a strong commitment, hard work, dedication, and a drive for self-improvement.  Executive dancers cannot compete with any other competitive dance studios and must get teacher approval before taking regular classes anywhere else.  This is due to confusion for the dancers if they are taught differently than how we want a technique done.  This does not include master classes, intensives, and conventions.

All competition students are hand selected by the director and other instructors and are placed accordingly.  Students will only be excused for sickness or required school functions (chorus concerts, band concerts, etc.).  Sporting events are not excusable, unless prior permission is given by your teacher.  Dancers can attend another class of the same type to make up an absense.  Dancers have the option of making up an absense by scheduling a private lesson.  In order for the dancers to excel throughout the year, it is very important that they attend class regularly and take time outside of class to practice.  If absenteeism becomes a concern, the instructor will contact the parents and make necessary arrangements for the dancer.